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14 February 2009 @ 01:10 pm
#9 - results  
gillian_lims: Round 3 - Challenge #9


Here are the results for Challenge #9. Please remember Challenge #10 has already been posted. Four icons to make means there'll be lots of points to gather, so almost everything is still possible. ;)

People's Choices

18 points

fbi_woman and liveonthesun
each 7 points

6 points

No Mod's Choice due to the tie.



01: (+ 7 - 0) + 7
02: (+ 4 - 3) + 1
03: (+ 0 - 9) - 9
04: (+18 - 0) +18
05: (+ 2 - 4) - 2
06: (+10 - 3) + 7
07: (+ 9 - 3) + 6
08: (+ 4 - 5) - 1

all points


(1) this is a perfect black and white icon; contrasted perfectly
(1) lovely black and white coloring: it looks mysterious
(3) Liked the cropping and the simple B&W, it's enough and makes it great.

(2) The colouring is good, the green background fits perfectly with Gillian.
(3) Great coloring on Gillian.
(3) he green is very intense but still doesn't overwhelm the great colouring in the rest of the icon
(-) too much green in the background.
(-) colouring too harsh
(-) the green is a bit distracting, maybe if it wasn't as bright it could be better.

(-) The coloring and text don't work at all. They're both way too overbearing and make Gillian look funny.
(-) THe icon is too blue and there's no reason for the text.
(-) the text is kind of cool but the colour on gillian is too blue; she looks sick
(-) The blue saturation on Gillian doesn't really work. Instead of adding something, it washes her out.
(-) Too much green in the icon.
(-) like the text, but the colouring is really unflattering.
(-) The text is nice, but the colouring of Gillian makes her look a little ill. Maybe next time the green could be toned down.
(-) the colouring is way off. Too much greens and blues. It makes Gillian look ill.
(-) too many green spots

(1) The blue works really well with the background and I like the placement of Gillian and how she stands out. It could be a bit better if it was less sharpened, however.
(1) While the icon looks just a tad oversharpened, the coloring and the lighting is fantastic. As an overall icon, this one is definitely my favorite.
(1) It's a really nice effect and has a good use of the color while it gives Gillian the center part!
(1) gorgeous! very original and well blended.
(2) lovely blu and the fact that all the rest (background and all) is black
(2) The blue really pops without being overbearing, and the texture used is lovely.
(3) Again, lovely use of negative space, and I love all the blue. It's a little oversharpened though.
(3) Even it's to oversharpened for me, love the way it puts a Gillian on the center and erase the background, and the colour of Gillian.

(3) Very clear with lovely lighting, though I think it would be better without the text.
(3) very nice colouring
(-) This one probably would've worked better without the text. I do enjoy the cropping, though.
(-) I like the crop, but I think that the text doesn't stand out very well in this icon.
(-) nice attempt at an interesting crop. Unfortunately the icon is oversharpened, and the text pretty much ruins it.
(-) text is superfluous

(1) I really enjoy the different angle and the colouring, which is very natural and emphasizing the right parts (i.e. her lips). It looks as if she is looking up to something angelic. It could be a little sharper, but even the blurriness kind of works in this composition.
(2) I like how the colours are all very similar and calm. It's very easy on the eyes and the crop is slightly unusual.
(2) i like the slightly rotated crop and the softness in the colours
(2) I just love how "angelical" the lighting and blur from the background make Gillian stand out.
(3) the soft coloring and background , plus the rotated image, makes her look dreamy
(-) Even I really love the coloring and the way she use the texture, the icon is so blurry, if the maker sharp a little the icon should be a good icon.
(-)This was the most difficult choice for least quality, because I actually love the coloring in this. The icon itself could've used a little sharpening, though, because it's just a tad too blurry.
(-) Gillian looks blurry and the angle seems off.

(1) The lighting is absolutely divine and the image is clear and sharp.
(1) I love the contrast with the black background texture and Gillian
(2) The negative space is putting a lovely emphasis on Gillian, even though she's not in the center of the icon. The colouring is natural, and glowy. Maybe contrast is a tad high.
(3) I like the fact that there is a different crop here, and that the colouring isn't too overpowering.
(-) i like the crop and the color but the picture needs sharpening.
(-) overall nice icon, but the left eye is lost in the brightness.
(-) iut looks blurred

(2) very unique and effective crop
(2) Fabulous crop.
(-) It's a very unusual colour. I think that it could do with a bit more contrast. I like the crop though.
(-) I love the cropping and the black and white but it's a little pixelated for me.
(-) the pic is over-contrasted and seems snowy or over-sharpened.
(-) I'd put text on the icon, because it seems a bit boring and could be any GIllian pic, you can't really difference it from others.
(-) The low contrast just makes the picture look low quality.


01. +132p nodazzle
02. +117p angiescully
03. +99p splodge04
04. +89p mariarita
05. +67p liveonthesun
06. +53p chisels
07. +34p fbi_woman
08. +29p tendre_posion
09. +26p ms_scully_icons
10. -02p anascully
11. -05p mlo1114
12. -14p angryteabag
13. -15p coffee_nebula

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nodazzle: david and gillian 2nodazzle on February 14th, 2009 06:24 pm (UTC)
wowsers. thanks folks!

- karen
*goes back and unsharpens all of her round 10 icons* ;)
fbi_womanfbi_woman on February 16th, 2009 03:43 pm (UTC)
omg yay! thanks guys! and congrats to everyone, it was a tough choice!