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Gillian Anderson Last Icon Maker Standing
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Welcome to gillian_lims, a LIMS community dedicated to actress Gillian Anderson, best known for her role as Special Agent Dana Scully of "The X Files" and starring in productions like "House of Mirth", "Bleak House", "The Last King of Scotland" and "Straightheads".

Anyone is invited to participate, no matter if you've been making icons for two weeks or two years. Watchers, who will vote, are more than welcome, too!

Round 1:: nodazzle
Round 2:: so_vieh
Round 3:: nodazzle

→ Schedule: Challenges will go up on Sunday evenings, you will then have until Fridays to get your entry in. Voting will run from Friday nights to Sunday evenings; the results will be posted shortly before the next challenge goes up. (Relevant time-zone here is GMT+1). There will be reminders posted throughout the week.
→ Skips: Once you are signed up, you need to enter every challenge. If you fail to enter a challenge, there will be negative consequences varying in each style. You may use one regular skip, and you have the chance to get one extra-skip for pimping the community at your journal/icon-journal. For more information, please visit the SKIP-POST. No skips allowed at the very first challenge, though.
→ Challenges: Each challenge you will be provided with a different picture of Gillian. These pictures may be screencaps featuring characters she played, photos from events or shoots. The image provided is the only image you are allowed to use; that also excludes using the same image in a higher resolution.
→ Entries: As far as how to make the icons, there are no limits set- everything is allowed from animation to textures- unless otherwise stated, of course (see Special Rules). However your icon must always apply to LJ standard- 100x100 px and less than 40kB. Your icon needs to be made exclusively for the respective challenge, and it needs to stay anonymous until the results are announced.
→ Special Rules: There may be Special Rules in a challenge. These rules have a higher priority than the standard rules, and have to be followed. Please take care that you don't miss them. If you have any questions regarding what exactly is allowed and what's not, by all means, ask me!
→ Breaking Rules: If your icon breaks a rule, I will bring it to your attention, and provided there is enough time left to the deadline, you will have the chance to enter a legitimate icon. If you fail to do so, I will either use a skip for you (provided you have one), or I will have to disqualify you.
→ Voting: Don't ask other people to vote for you. Suspected cheating will lead to disqualification.
→ Rejects: After the voting is over, all participants will have the opportunity to publicly post their rejects (icons they made for the challenge, but chose not to enter in favour of another icon), and the participants can talk about the icons, if they wish.
→ Sign up: Now, all you need to do is SIGN UP in order to take part. Please join and friend the community before signing up, so that you will be able to follow challenge-posts, reminders and such on your f-list. Please include "Bad Blood" in your comment (i.e. the subject-line), so I know that you've read the rules.

We run different styles of rounds at gillian_lims. So far we've done the classic Elimination style and the Iconathon style, but we may try out even more styles. Each style has its individual specific rules. Please read these rules at the link locations below.

Elimination Style
Iconathon Style


If you want to affiliate, please reply to the most recent post.

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